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Millikin event showcases breadth and depth of Student Research and Creativity

It's a day when no classes are held, but it doesn't mean the learning stops.

Millikin University's 庆祝活动的奖学金 is the culmination of the academic year; an all-day event that puts the outstanding achievements of students from all majors front and center for the entire campus community to witness. It's a forum that not only recognizes academics, it honors personal success.


庆祝活动的奖学金 gives students a day to present a years' worth of research, 为校园社团提供奖学金和创造性的努力. Multiple sessions were held across campus highlighting explorations and discoveries.

"Millikin students are going to be involved in the field in doing the real work that professionals do,教务长米利金说 Dr. 杰夫模仿者. "We believe that students have the best opportunities to learn and develop their skills when they do the work. It's great to showcase the students and all of the hard work they do throughout the year."


Aper:“一节接着一节, the event is a time for students to talk about their active involvement in the life of their study."

周五的全校活动, 4月26日涵盖了所有的学术背景, 从行为科学, 美术和现代语言, 锻炼科学和运动, 创业和护理. 会议从早上开始, including one from a group of students in 先令大厅 who shared their immersive cultural experience engaging with the Pawnee Native American Tribe over spring break.

"One of the neat things we saw was how deeply rooted they are in tradition,布莱克·卡迈克尔说, 来自泰勒维尔的高级人文服务专业学生, 生病了. “正规网赌网站马上就知道男人应该在吃饭的时候祈祷. You can apply some sort of element of culture in nearly everything you do. 他们是非常慷慨的人."


Not far from 先令大厅, a large audience in Pilling Chapel saw several theatre students from Dr. 汤姆·罗布森的戏剧写作课程向公众展示了他们的作品. 每次阅读之后都有一个简短的反馈环节, 为观众提供一个参与工作的机会.


Three scenes were presented from three different works: "In This Room" by Sophie Kibiger, 来自拉姆齐的初级戏剧专业学生, 明尼苏达州.; "Recovery" by Rachel Pevehouse, a sophomore theatre major from St. 路易斯,莫.; and "The Waiting Room" by Chris Cunningham, a senior theatre major from Cary, 生病了.


"The way these pieces were selected is students in the classroom were interested in having their work shared. We had a secret ballot where everyone in the class voted for the best pieces that represented the entire class,” Dr. 罗布森他是戏剧与舞蹈副教授. “反馈环节是模仿正规网赌网站在课堂上使用的相同过程."

在珀金森音乐中心, 大提琴家贝卡Husar, 来自约克维尔的商业音乐专业的初级学生, 生病了., 是为同学和音乐学院的教员演奏的吗, 执行“Julie-O,马克·萨莫斯的大提琴作品.


The performance was part of Husar's research of Bach's Cello Suites to explore the art of interpretation and its influence on music throughout history and today. Husar offered insight into how musicians must determine the boundaries that they are willing to push when performing a composition.

“解读是作品的一个特定版本, 方法或风格, 而本研究的关键词是方法,”Husar说. "The line between compositional integrity and the artistic freedom to stray from the notated music is blurred when time, 仪表和个人风格成为表演的一个元素."


在下午, the Bob and Debi Johnston Banquet Room of the University Commons was busy with activity as the 26th Annual Research Poster Symposium took place. 海报研讨会,为了纪念朱迪思和. G. 理查德•洛克, provided students with an opportunity to share their scholarly activities and practice communication skills essential for professional success. The event has also become an excellent means of encouraging students to explore and participate in research opportunities at Millikin.


法官, 从米利金退休人员中选出, 校友和朋友, were on hand to observe over 50 poster presentations and to cast their votes for 1st, 二等奖和三等奖.

Among the presenters were Matthew Vangunten, a senior chemistry major from East Peoria, 生病了.汉密尔顿(Jacob Hamilton)是伊利诺伊州斯旺西(Swansea)化学专业的大四学生. 和汉米尔顿一起工作 Dr. 凯尔Knust, assistant professor of chemistry, to construct a home-built capillary electrophoresis instrument. Capillary electrophoresis is a technique that allows extremely efficient separation of peptides, 寡核苷酸和类固醇激素.

“正规网赌网站的仪器根据大小和电荷来分离一切东西,”汉密尔顿说. "We wanted to prove that it was functional and we wanted to make the separation happen." After graduation, Hamilton will be attending Washington University in St. 路易攻读博士学位.D. 在环境工程, and Vangunten will be attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to pursue a Ph.D. 在化学.

伊利诺伊州本森维尔的护理专业高年级学生爱丽丝·伯纳德(Alice Bernard)说.和伊利诺伊州沃什伯恩(Washburn)的科迪•格雷(Cody Gray)., teamed up to research how accurately the National Institutes of 健康 Stroke Scale (NIHSS) can be used to assess the severity of patient symptoms in the acute setting to promote a plan of care.

伯纳德说:“这个项目的重点是提高病人的治疗效果。. “科迪和我都有兴趣成为重症护理护士, and we will be using instruments like this in our daily lives moving forward."


整天都能看到, 庆祝活动的奖学金 is an exciting time for students who are proud to present their work firsthand.

Congratulations to the following award winners of the 26th Research Poster Symposium.


  • 安东尼·布莱恩(安东尼•布莱恩)是伊利诺伊州普莱恩菲尔德市(Plainfield)生物学专业的大四学生.

"Enhanced hematological condition in birds of prey undergoing rehabilitation is independent of vitamin supplementation"

  • Dalton Glasco是伊利诺伊州迪凯特市化学专业的一名大四学生.

 "Simple method for preparing customizable pyrolyzed resin carbon electrodes using 3-D printing"

  • 凯尔西·皮尔森(Kelsey Pierson)是伊利诺伊州奥兰帕克(Orland Park)护理专业的高级学生.; and Carly Kirk, a senior nursing major from Danville, 生病了.


  • 阿丽莎·拉瑞森(Alisha Larrison),是一名护理实践专业的硕士研究生. 锡安,生病了.



  • allison Isenhower来自伊利诺伊州特伦顿(Trenton),是生物学专业的大四学生.


  • 茱莉亚·塔拉谢夫斯基,迪凯特大学生物专业大四学生

“兄弟姐妹和. 陌生人:苘麻的合作或竞争(F. 锦葵科)”

  • Kaia Ball, a senior biology molecular cell track major from Bolingbrook, 生病了.

"Conferral of streptomycin resistance via crispr/cas9 genome editing in escherichia coli"

  • 道格·谢里尔(Doug Sherrill)是伊利诺伊州西联联盟(West Union)生物专业的一名大四学生.

"Effect of partial blindness on hunting behavior in salticus scenicus (araneae: salticidae) in a controlled environment"

  • Raisa Zamacona-Gonzalez是来自西班牙Getxo的生物学专业大四学生


  • 安吉丽娜·托马斯是迪凯特大学护理专业的大四学生

“sugammadex的循证临床指南:质量改进 & 成本削减战略”


  • 伊利诺伊州约翰斯顿市(Johnston City)生物学专业大四学生埃琳·卢肯斯(Erin Lukens)说.

"Effects of elevated salinity on cuban treefrog (osteopilus septentrionalis) tadpole aldosterone levels, 增长, 和发展”

  • 布莱恩·特雷勒,来自蒙特. 锡安


  • Rachel Munyembabazi是迪凯特大学化学专业的大四学生

"Exploring the viability of metal nanoparticles as cancer-killing agents"    

  • 安吉拉·雷(Angela Thunder)是来自蒙特大学护理专业的大四学生. 锡安; and Katlyn Niepoetter, a senior nursing major from 12月atur


  • 伊薇特Musanganya, 来自戈马的高级护理专业学生, Congo; and Cali Melton, 她是俄勒冈州护理专业的高级学生, 生病了.


  • 来自芝加哥的政治科学专业大四学生Julisa Sierra说


Phi Kappa Phi奖

  • 安东尼•布莱恩

"Enhanced hematological condition in birds of prey undergoing rehabilitation is independent of vitamin supplementation"